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But first, brushes.

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Recently I was featured on where I talked about makeup brushes that professionals use. I gave Oprah magazine my A-list of my favorite brushes for beginners and different skin types. When writing for Oprah, the main goal I had in mind was simplicity. In my 11 year experience, I realize most clients wanted a simple makeup routine. And sometimes that meant I placed #1, #2, #3 stickers on products and brushes, so their makeup journey would be a success. 

I find that most beginners do not know where to start when it comes to shopping for makeup brushes and the brushes that they do own; they have no idea how to use them correctly. If you stick to this guide, rather you buy the exact brushes or something similar, you'll be able to take your look from beginner to pro real quick!

These five brushes are all you'll need to achieve your every day to night look, and as your technique grows, you can then add in more complex brushes. You can have all the beautiful makeup in the world, but if you don"t have quality brushes to apply the makeup even as a professional, you will struggle.


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion

This two in one brush is a must-have! The flat top brush makes it easy to build on forgivable flawless coverage without the cakey finish. This brush is durable with soft bristles and is a multipurpose brush. Use this for foundation, concealer, liquid highlighters, and bronzers.


Morphe M401 Large Tapered brush

I love a pointed head powder brush! This fluffy dome-shaped brush is another multi-use brush which works excellent with pressed/ loose powder. Also, with bronzer, try angling the brush along the hollow part of your cheekbones for a contoured look. 

Bobbi Brown Blush brush

Bobbi Brown's Blush brush is my ride or die, and I still have my own since the beginning of my career. This brush is not shy on the cost but is well worth the investment. The round head is perfect for applying the product directly on the apples of the cheeks. Sweep in an upward motion towards the hairline for a seamless look.

MAC 224s Tapered Blending Brush

OK, OK, OK! The secret is out, do you want to go from beginner to pro real quick add this in your routine asap. This brush is my holy grail I own at least 5 of them, and it is perfect for blending out the color in your crease. From day to date, this brush is a must-have!

Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush

Pack it on! The dense head on this brush is ideal for applying intense color on the eyelid and can also be used to smudge eyeliner. This brush will give you an even application and can be used wet or dry and great with powder or cream products. 

So Haus-beauties, there you have it. I've made your search easier. These 5 brushes will change your ever beginner lives!

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